Padi Junior Advanced Open Water



Included in the price:


14,000 THB

PADI Junior Advanced OpenWater Diver Course

Explore the vibrant world beneath the waves with the PADI Junior Advanced OpenWater Diver course in Koh Kood. Unleash your inner adventurer and embark on an unforgettable underwater journey in one of Thailand’s most beautiful diving destinations.

Choose Your Dive, Dive Your Choice

Meet your instructor and discuss your preferences to select your 3 additional adventure dives. Complete relevant chapters in the Adventures in Diving manual and knowledge reviews. We can provide a PADI e-book for pre-course reading at home.

Compared to Open Water, this course is fun-focused with minimal theory. After completion, you’ll be certified to dive up to 21 meters deep, opening doors to new underwater possibilities.

Convenient Preparations: PADI E-Book Included

To ensure you make the most of your diving adventure, we provide a PADI e-book that allows you to study the Adventures in Diving manual from the comfort of your home. This convenient resource enables you to familiarize yourself with the knowledge and techniques necessary for the dives, giving you a head start before arriving in Koh Kood.

Dive into Fun: Theory-Light and Homework-Free

Leave behind the burden of theory and homework as you dive into a course focused on pure enjoyment. The Junior Advanced OpenWater Diver course minimizes classroom time and emphasizes hands-on experiences. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of underwater exploration and enjoy the thrill of diving to depths of up to 21 meters.

Day 1: Dive into Excitement

We’ll pick you up from your accommodation and take you to our dive center at Bang Bao Bay. Your experienced instructor will provide a detailed dive briefing and discuss the dive plans. After that, you’ll head to the carefully chosen dive site around 10:00 AM. Throughout the day, you’ll complete 2 thrilling dives with a lunch break in between. Following the dives, you’ll review your knowledge with the instructor, debrief the experiences, and strengthen your diving skills. We’ll ensure your safe return to Koh Kood between 2:15 and 3:00 PM.

Day 2: Dive Deeper, Dive at Night

The adventure continues on the second day, promising even more excitement. The schedule mirrors the first day, with an additional dive to heighten the thrill of exploration. As the sun sets, we’ll pick you up from your resort around 5:30 PM, ready to embark on a mesmerizing night dive. Witness the underwater world transform under the cloak of darkness, revealing new creatures and enchanting beauty. After the dives, we’ll return to the dive school, where you’ll complete your knowledge reviews and receive your well-deserved PADI Adventure Diver certification.

Embrace the Underwater Realm: PADI Advanced Diver Certified

Upon successful completion of the PADI Junior Advanced OpenWater Diver course, you will earn the esteemed PADI Junior Advanced OpenWater Diver certification. This certification recognizes your enhanced skills and understanding of diving in various environments. Equipped with your certification, you’ll be empowered to continue your diving adventures and delve deeper into the fascinating underwater realm.